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Tsinghua University International AI Cooperation and Governance Forum 2020 White Paper

Date:  December 4th -5th, 2021

Location: Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


Institute for AI International Governance of

Tsinghua University (I-AIIG)

International Supporting Partner: 

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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It has been an unprecedented year. 


Once-in-a-thousand-year floods, massive wildfires and soaring temperatures have made the climate crisis inescapable. The Covid-19 pandemic has killed millions globally, brought untold economic shocks and still threatens our return to normality. Progress on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals has reversed, millions have slid back into poverty and the world’s capacity to respond is stretched. However, amidst these crises, technology continues to advance. Artificial Intelligence in particular is emerging as a key tool to address these challenges, offering new solutions that can help build a better, greener future.

Yet while these technologies are implemented across the globe, there is a need to ensure that these technologies do not exacerbate inequalities. Issues concerning data privacy, the digital divide between countries and the potential for algorithmic biases to widen gaps will need to be addressed and managed so that AI applications can benefit everyone, everywhere. International cooperation is essential to build consensus on common approaches to AI governance that is ethical and fair and balances sector needs with the responsibility to protect people and planet.  

Following last year’s inaugural International AI Cooperation and Governance Forum, this second occurrence will advance the conversation around the equitable use of AI. The forum will look at how AI is successfully being used to fight present challenges, what more can be done to cooperate on and tackle these issues, and future developments in the sector.